Avengers - Endgame

Me and the bairn are going Saturday evening. We’ve always gone to the pictures. She has my film buffyness no matter the chod on display. She finally said no to the last Transformers film bless her. There are limits.

I just like to be taken away from reality and even did so when my reality wasn’t so shite. I’m going to savour every second.

I was an avid reader of superhero comics as a bairn so have seen every one at the pictures.
I’m throwing up on a regular basis these days so no junk food or owt even though we’re in the gallery where it’s all free. Me and my mineral water will be happy no doubt.


I have no idea why Joanna Lumley popped into my head at the mention of the word "Avengers". :D

I actually saw Infinity Wars and all I'll say is it's a couple of hours of my life I'll never get back.

That said, I'll watch Endgame to see how it ends.