Avengers - Endgame

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Napoleon Dynamite, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. Haway the nerds

    Surely deserves its own thread unless I’ve missed it

    Cant wait me
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  2. oROSSo

    oROSSo Striker Staff Member

    I’ve seen the leak. Wanna know what happens?
  3. The one when hulk puts the gauntlet on?
  4. Dark Traveller

    Dark Traveller Striker

    According the bloke from Rotten Tomatoes, Joel Meares, who was at the premiere....

    Spoiler free #AvengersEndgame thoughts: Fans are going to go APESHIT. #AvengersEndgamePremiere

    And according to other reviewers at the premiere... they cried and was “an emotional rollercoaster” :confused:
  5. HABA87

    HABA87 Winger

    It's meant to be either class or two hours of chod followed by one hour of mintness depending on which headlines you read. Either way favourable but it'll still be meh IMO.

    Will watch at some point.

  6. Jack Torrance

    Jack Torrance Winger

    Seems to be a superhero film out every other week these days, just seen this one is on for over 3 hours :eek:
  7. Albay3037

    Albay3037 Winger

    Like I said on the other thread, let’s try and not spoil it....

  8. Dark Traveller

    Dark Traveller Striker

    Says the bloke who likes to read the Wikipedia film synopsis before watching a film!
  9. matt228

    matt228 Midfield Contributor

    Out on Thursday but I'll have to wait until May. Looks class.
  10. Can't see the attraction of these films.
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  11. Just booked tickets to go and see it on Friday. 3hrs as well!
  12. Me and the bairn are going Saturday evening. We’ve always gone to the pictures. She has my film buffyness no matter the chod on display. She finally said no to the last Transformers film bless her. There are limits.

    I just like to be taken away from reality and even did so when my reality wasn’t so shite. I’m going to savour every second.

    I was an avid reader of superhero comics as a bairn so have seen every one at the pictures.
    I’m throwing up on a regular basis these days so no junk food or owt even though we’re in the gallery where it’s all free. Me and my mineral water will be happy no doubt.
  13. Dave Herbal

    Dave Herbal Striker

    Not a comic fan then Joe?
  14. cluffy

    cluffy Striker

    Are you blind like?
  15. Arkle

    Arkle Striker Contributor

    In a rare moment of something, I'm with Joe here. Franchise films stifle creativity.
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  16. conrad

    conrad Midfield

    Some fuckin bellend put the ending on facey. Raging as taking the bairn on Thursday :lol:
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  17. Fetch Fletch

    Fetch Fletch Striker

    Reviews are out.
    Fairly unanimous.
  18. wasnotwas

    wasnotwas Goalkeeper

    I have no idea why Joanna Lumley popped into my head at the mention of the word "Avengers". :D

    I actually saw Infinity Wars and all I'll say is it's a couple of hours of my life I'll never get back.

    That said, I'll watch Endgame to see how it ends.
  19. No.
  20. Marty Moose

    Marty Moose Striker

    There's only so many times you can watch the same film like, there must be sixty of these marvel films with a new one off the conveyor belt every five minutes. I didn't mind the first few for what they were tbf, but I'm fucking sick of them now.
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