Athletico Mince

It's absolute genius. Bob's South African sketch has me in tears every time, pure gold.
This is the funniest thing on it like, it's fucking class. Mint how they're both pissing themselves while he's doing the accent n'all.

Think they did a live show in Newcastle earlier this month. Was working otherwise I would have went along, I'm sure it would have been as funny as fuck.

Scotty 1978

Can't listen to it now when I'm driving, cos I am laughing too much, One story about Steve McClaren and carpets :lol::lol:
I had heard about it for months, but never got round to listening to it, it's brilliant like, I've got another 27 episodes to listen too
Have they done loads like ? I listen to something every night before I gan to sleep so could do with something to keep me occupied for a while.
You will either think it's absolutely fucking awful or class. There really is no in between.

I'd recommend picking a more recent one to begin on before going to the start as it certainly gets better at it goes on.
Similar to the Xfm podcasts with Gervais and Karl Pilkington, he really cameout of his shell the longer it went on.