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Saving Private Cat Ryan has got to be SEB (and probably posted by Sedgefield Mackem)

The Remains of the Darren Day - Steve Guttenberg and his pals dig up the corpse of a z-list light entertainer and dress him up as a butler, for reasons best known to themselves.[DOUBLEPOST=1386953175][/DOUBLEPOST]Cyrano de Jim Bergerac - Guttenberg as a detective in the Channel Islands whose huge nose gives him a superb sense of smell which he uses to solve crimes.

I'm nicking from myself now...
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Miracle on 134th Street

A young gang member is shot and killed at the corner of Lt Uhura avenue and is ressurected into a black father christmas (Martin Lawrence) but his past catches up to him when he is sent to court for impersonating a public official. Is he really Santa Claus or does it not matter because he is black?
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus' Dick

When little Justin (Haley Joel Osmont's ghost) walks in on his parents having costumed christmas sex, he declares a one man war against Santa Clauses, kidnapping them and locking them in a basement full of exploding mice pies.


Central Defender
Its a wonderful life sentence. Steve Guttenberg plays a daily mail reporter sentenced to life who is delighted to discover prison is exactly as lavish, fun and danger free as his paper describes it
I'll Be Home For Christmas Eve

Johnathan Taylor-Thomas has to get home in time for Christmas so sets off a day early, takes a plane and arrives in plenty of time without any diverting shenanigans.
Henry Winter's Bone

Telegraph football journalist Henry Winter (Steve Guttenberg) compensates for his worsening impotence by making his articles more condescending, while in the Ozark Mountains for some reason.
One Of Our Footballer Dinosaurs Is Missing

Steve Guttenberg plays a kidnapped Paul Merson as Sky Sports struggle to find a fitting replacement to moan about a SAFC match. As the hours tick by Merson starts to sympathise with the views of his kidnappers....


Chairman of the Message Board, Teed (Played by Steve Guttenberg) takes control of the SMB in a bloody coup and prepares a cull of those deemed undesirables including the Simple Club, it falls to Harry Angstrom (Dana Carvey) to wrestle control before its to late.
Too Late The SAFC Hero

Steve Guttenberg is Phil Bardsley as he tries to redeem himself in the eyes of Sunderland fans for past misadventures....
Another thing is that the word you add to the title should be enough, and you don't need to waffle on about the stupid plot. :evil:
TwasOnTheFifthOfMay The Dictator

An overbearing forum member attempts to police the threads of others with arbitrary, fun-spoiling rules. It turns out he's a comic actor (Steve Guttenberg) who is attempting to play the dictator of a fictitious banana republic, but nobody gets it and he cries himself to sleep at night because his wife left him for her yoga instructor.
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