Add a word to ruin a movie

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Flight Delayed

Denzel Washington can't fly his usual route on time as local baggage handlers are on strike, so he strikes up an unlikely friendship with the barman at the airport Wetherspoons (Steve Guttenberg).


Get out.

And in other news -

The Bi-Polar Express

A train conductor (Steve Guttenburg) goes on a magical journey to the North Pole but suffers from extreme bouts of elation and depression when he realises that he while he believes in Santa Clause, he's going to get arrested for kidnapping a trainload of children and taking them to the arctic


Les(bians) Miserables twats

David James and the Giant Peach

Gary Breen Mean Machine

The Wizard of Osvaldo

Clockwork Terrys Chocolate Orange

NOT Home Alone

Star Wars, Return of the broken Jedi without a receipt

Star Wars a new Pope
Cool Hand Luke Skywalker

Tonka Toy Soldiers

Flight Of The Phoenix Nights

Above Us The Mexican Waves

Reach For The Sky Light

The Barely Naked Gun

The Thirty-Nine Dancing Steps


Hairy Mary poppins..

Richard keys as Mary...and Steve Gutenberg as dick van dyke...

Feed the birds...let them know its Xmas time...
Breaking Bad Santa

A conman (Steve guttenberg) poses as Santa Claus in order to sell crystal meth to school children on Christmas Eve.
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