2019-20 kits


Yet they're wearing it tonight
Ffs you can wear what you want in a friendly man. The logo is not allowed to be that big in a league game. Its a paddypower pr thing. Its not as if they're well known for it................

Its worked well too. Ask anyone at the minute who sponsors Huddersfield they'll know, ask anyone who sponsors most other championship teams, people will struggle.
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Full Back
Pompey home with more red on their front than our back

Huddersfield’s real home kit looks quality

The blurb says: “The shirt is part of Paddy Power’s new ‘Save Our Shirt’ campaign; an initiative that is backing a move towards unbranded football kits, effectively returning the shirt back to the fans. As a result, Paddy Power has relinquished the space on the front of the shirt that the company would be due as title sponsor.”

Huddersfield away

Huddersfield Town on Twitter
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rey mysterio

Superb that. They need to give whoever is in charge of their marketing a massive pay rise.
Knowing our luck we would have done this but in a bizarre confusion behind the scenes 60,000 Sunderland shirts end up being printed with an iron on PP logo.

I’d much rather we ditched sponsors on the shirt too and sold the naming rights of the stadium. Umbro are really knocking out some quality stuff since they were brought back from the dead


That is very very good , PP are sponsoring them but instead of having it on the shirt all season, it was for one untelevised friendly but it got more publicity and they get the ultimate goodwill of the “savetheshirt” campaign.

Plus that shirt is wonderful.