2019-20 kits


Bought a Chivas shirt many moons ago when I lived in Belize.. wore it at the SOL shortly after it opened.. one of the sponsors on it I believe was Sol. It was like a Formula one car the amount of sponsors they had on it... I love this verison
Like it too, like a mix of the best home and away tops we've had, might DH it...

Charlton's is decent too like, kinda hope we do go after a Hummel's or Macron next year


Full Back
Was just about to post the same, it's got to be a piss take. Surely. Looks like a Hen Do Sash that.
Huddersfield Town reveal new kit designs, including Paddy Power logo for the first time


Spokesman Paddy Power said: “We’re delighted to work with Huddersfield Town on this world-first execution.

“As a brand which embraces doing things differently, we didn’t want to get into shirt sponsorship just to do the same as every other sponsor. We’re sure Huddersfield fans will be delighted with this season’s kit.”


Central Defender
Clearly a marketing ploy, the sponsors have to be within a certain size, the Paddy Poor advertising executive is shit hot at getting their product trending absolute genius.