Desperately overrated but given the subject matter and director it was always going to get plaudits.

I was watching it thinking the concept was flawed. I didn't think that the top brass would be inclined to stop the doomed attack in the first place.


That was my point. I didn't think it was worthy of being an Oscar movie.
Well the academy disagreed with you. It was better than the competition last year by a decent measure, although in terms of cinematography id say once upon a time in Hollywood probably deserved it more.


Can't believe the stick it's getting on here. Watched it again last night (first time at the flics) and thought it was excellent again. Central performance from Mackay was good and the supporting cast (firth, strong etc) were great.

Some suspension of disbelief required for him avoiding all bullets but then again I'm sure I read something about only a fraction of fired rounds in ww1 connecting with anything so maybe not.
If ever I want to score points with the wife... I suggest we take the bairn to York. Jorvik in the morning and Rail musuem in the afternoon, he is transfixed, and she gets to go to the retail outlet place.

York Railway Museum is amazing. Still never been to the Shildon branch though
Good idea this tbf
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Cinematography was great but I thought it was an average movie to be honest. Certainly not Oscar worthy.
Yeah I was underwhelmed when I watched it, clever filming but not as good a film as everyone raved on about. Good but not brilliant, I certainly wouldn't watch it again.