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If ever I want to score points with the wife... I suggest we take the bairn to York. Jorvik in the morning and Rail musuem in the afternoon, he is transfixed, and she gets to go to the retail outlet place.

York Railway Museum is amazing. Still never been to the Shildon branch though
Haven't been for ages but always loved it.

Still working on the 6 yr old. Went in the library today to get some activity books as we were a bit bored due to him not being at school. Nabbed a train book for the purpose

Shildon is OK for an hour or so. Worth a look for free


Being smarkish, the bullet dodging tested suspension of reality, however it was a superb film I thought.

The first 20 minutes alone was worth it, walking through the trenches into frontline, the eerie quiet and almost madness from boredom, fear etc of frontline men.

Dave Herbal

The type of film you absolutely can’t watch on your big telly and have any sense of what it’s like on the big screen. Also the river bit was filmed at High Force iirc.