Your favourite songs from the 1960s?

This just scrapes in as it was released right at the end of 1969 I think...

Jeez this one's just mad - but brilliant.
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Central Defender
Millenium from 1968. Best psychedelic pop album of the 1960s.
The zombies were better than the beach boys. Brief candles is my favourite of theirs.
I played Gary puckett and the union gap's 'lady willpower' many times over and over again.
The production values are very rich but the moon made a great album in 1968.
The Travel Agency were ahead of it's time from 1968.

Great use of fuzz guitar by clear water in 1968.
Andromeda from 1969. Great band morphed into atomic rooster.
May blitz. One of the finest bands of the 1960s with the drummer from Bowie's diamond dogs album. Enjoy.
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