Thought I would like but couldn't get into it.
A few too many cliches.
Oh and that fight with the bikers.😏
I'd watched Godless a week or so before so it spoiled everything else for a while.
I’ve just finished watching series 2.

None of the characters have many redeeming qualities. All of them are fucked up evil, arrogant, selfish, greedy or murderous bastards. It’s the Wild West set in the 21st century where everyone is a vigilante and everyone is corrupt and they beat-up, stab, shoot, kill and rob each other every other day with no come back because the cops are all in on it. Everybody is a right wing nutter and families use one another for gain and hate siblings/parents/children almost as much as they justify being utterly bonkers in the name of some sort of corrupted ‘love’ that is really some sort of weird weaponised possessive corruption of real emotion.

On the plus side : the acting is superb, the scenery is breathtaking, the main female character gets her baps out a lot, has a very convincing Montana accent but comes from Chessington and it’s very addictive and enjoyable.

I understand that series 4 was slammed by the critics but I’ve not read further coz I don’t want spoilers. I’ve got series 3 to watch but to be honest I’m not sure how far they can stretch the premise. Maybe series 4 was the one where they jumped the shark... the one that lives in Utah (where it was filmed)

Tom Hanks has a small role in the spinoff.
Channel 5, but first season only on amazon prime to buy. It's worth it. The money it must have cost to make is staggering. Costner very good as basically a mob boss and also his daughter is full on WAD.
Rules man. Ffs!!!
Just looked and the cast is awash with eye candy.
Kelly Reilly and the terrific Gretchen Moll amongst them.
Will have a look at this I think.
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I just started watching this a few days ago. I've nailed through the first two season already.

Awesome show. Brutal.

Sort of reminds me of Sons Of Anarchy but with modern day ranchers instead of bikers.

And better. With a bigger budget. And Costner.