Would people have taken 4 points out of 6?

I probably would have..but at the same time no confidence we’ll get promoted. Burge not convincing me as a no.1 and 9 teams out of 10 then get automatic have a 20 goal a season striker..we don’t. So conflicting feelings.
Yes (would have hoped for more but accepted 4) . And arguably I'm happier with it happening this way. We need to be beating the decent sides. Doing it quite efficiently will be huge for confidence. The fact the Bristol Rovers game would likely have been a win if not for an absolute brain fart from the keeper is a comfort as well, it's not like we couldn't break them down, it just wasn't our day. Still not convinced we'll be good enough, or that Parkinson is good enough, but not going to complain after the start. Said yesterday that this game, Peterborough and Charlton were hard games and I'd hope to see at least 5 points if we're really going to compete, good start

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We are completely reliant on Maguire and Gooch firing ! If they don’t we go nowhere. The lack of contribution from Wyke Grigg and Graham is appalling and I would imagine their combined wages are the equivalent of most first 11’s in this league. Get those sidelined for one decent goal scorer and we might have a chance


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We have gone all in on an experienced, expensive league one side getting us promotion. On that basis 2 ppg is the minimum expectation for me. I think it will be enough to get automatic promotion this season.
Every team that has finished with 2 points per game in league one in the past has been automatically promoted. It's the same with most leagues everywhere. Average 2 points or more to be at the top. 1 point or less and you're at the bottom.
I would have. But I’d rather have walloped Bristol rovers and got a point today after dominating.
we need to get stuck into teams at home and create a mentality that worries our opposition rather than teams coming to the sol knowing they’ll nick a goal and they can shithouse their way to grabbing a point.
we concede so many sloppy early goals at hone it’s frightening.


O’Brien has looked poor. Gooch should replace him next game.
To be fair to O'Brien, he's looked like he can play, but with little positive outcome. He's had a number of opportunities to score and managed not to. Maybe, the place to play him is as CF with Gooch and Maguire as the supporting players.
Having seen the two opposition teams in the flesh, I’d say anything less than 6 points is below par.

Not all pairs of matches will be as easy as those two and if our target is two points per game we should be looking to get ahead of the target when these types of games come along.

If it had been a full strength Oxford team, the away fixture against them would have looked like one of the tougher fixtures but it wasn’t.


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Excellent start to the season. Look forward to some of the young players getting into the team bringing about the right blend of youth and experience. We’re more equipped for league 1 this season. Maybe need an injection of pace but other than that I think we are well set for a good season
I hope you’re right, however I feel that lack of pace will yet again be our downfall (how many transfer windows do we need to find someone who can run!?)