World cup dark horses

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by Suomifinland, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. Suomifinland

    Suomifinland Full Back

    Apologies if done before but who's your dark horses for WC? I'm talking none of the obvious big sides & dont have to win it, but do very well (semis or final maybe).

    For me...

    1. Uruguay. CB partnership play together at club level & got 150 caps between em. Plus Suarez & Cavani up front.

    2. Sweden. Utter bastards to beat. Dull as dishwater but could grind results out like they did against Italy
  2. Johnsafc

    Johnsafc Striker

    Croatia. Very good midfield.
  3. robbied1

    robbied1 Winger

    Sweden wont even win one match in the world cup
  4. Lammy

    Lammy Full Back

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  5. silas80

    silas80 Winger

  6. Suomifinland

    Suomifinland Full Back

    I think they'll do well. But get Brazil or Germany i think in quarters if ive worked it out right...
  7. Peru
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  8. Suomifinland

    Suomifinland Full Back

    They finished 2nd in a qualifying group with France & Holland in then beat Italy in the playoffs...
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  9. mitsubishi

    mitsubishi Full Back

    Argentina strong squad
  10. woodlebert

    woodlebert Striker

    These seem to be the hipsters' choice
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  11. Scotty 1978

    Scotty 1978 Striker

    Costa Rica
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  12. Uromastyx

    Uromastyx Central Defender

    I know they weren't too impressive on Saturday, but I think Nigeria could do well.
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  13. RedFlag1308

    RedFlag1308 Winger

    They'll be the hipsters choice after the group stages. Can see the possession stat RT's already.

    :oops: Knew I should have finished the thread before replying
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  14. c1ark73

    c1ark73 Winger

    Peru to go further than they probably should for me
  15. Uruguay
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  16. Just flicked through the group's and think they could get out in second.
  17. Suomifinland

    Suomifinland Full Back

    Some expert writers seem to think Nigeria are pretty strong all over. They need either Argentina or Croatia to fuck up to get out of group mind.
  18. gipetto

    gipetto Striker

  19. Suomifinland

    Suomifinland Full Back

    Peru decent shout i reckon. Sort of team that you've heard of none of players then find out they all play in good Europa league sides eg Sevilla.
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