Working at McDonalds

Double cheese burger and put 2 chicken nuggets inside the top bun small bit of extra red sauce lush .starving now but my cars in the garage .


My daughter is working in the one in York while she is at University - they have to have bouncers on the doors every night and spend 20 minutes last Saturday cleaning blood up when it kicked off between two groups of blokes


Full Back
Our lass worked in one when she was younger and absolutely piled the clem on. She used to eat a meal everyday and said you got anything for free.


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I worked an early shift and always tried to take my break around 1030, quarter pounder with egg and bacon :cool: and a hash brown in if no one was looking


Was about 6 months ago for me I think, I can imagine you'd pile the beef on going through the drive through regularly mind :lol:.
Used to do the nugget challenge and double cheese burger one when they used to be 99p each.

Smashed 60 nuggets easily, done about 7 double cheese burgers too :lol: