Whose gonna be our big hero


Lewis Morgan. Getting better and better every game.
He looks fitter now. He looked bolloxed 10 minutes into the second half a few weeks ago.

I’d like to see him and McGeady swap wings a few times in the game for short periods and mix it up.


It goes down to the final day. Barnsley lose to Bristol Rovers. We are 0-0 with Southend and need to win to go up second. Ozturk bullet head to send our away fans mental in the dying seconds


Hopefully all players will be heroes, we need eleven on there plus the substitutions big game.

Let's hope our players turn up on the day and perform to the standard expected highly.
Just like the Poominator!

I'd quite like one of the young'uns - Benji Kimpioka with a scorching melter to almost take the net off....
What a day that was, and what a bullet header.
Pooooooommmm was way up high above any other player when he headed that goal.
Utter scenes in the away end as we all went mental :lol:
Most of my mates had left the ground when Derby scored a last minute goal they didn't deserve.
It looked like it would be the winning goal until right at the very end of injury time, Poom ran upfield to score one of the best headed goals I have ever seen, from our last gasp corner kick.
Even the Derby fans applauded him. :D
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