WAW What Happens After the North East Derby

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So we beat the Mags and it was incredible. Now this should kick start our season and help catapult us up the table – right? Well, let’s have a quick look at what history tells us…

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The Hunter

Central Defender
I'll tell you what happened to me...I got to Newcastle Airport by Metro at 5.30 and they wouldn't let me on the 6.10 Heathrow flight ...wouldn't let it dampen my spirits and got the 8.10. Got home about 11.30. What a day! ...


Well ive still got the biggest smile since we smashed them 3 nowt at Agent Ashleys warehouse.
2-1 was better mate borinis late winner can't beat them kind of late winners especially in a derby.

The 0-3 for me any day of the week.

I wasn't at the Wonga either, but IMHO it was a far better win.

Hammering them in their own back yard.
PDC taking the piss, sliding down the touch line on his knees.
Pardew's reaction to Cisse's offside goal.
Red Smoke bombs going off, and burning that **** :lol:
Smashing up their own town.
Horse punching :eek:
Putting us on the road to survival :cool:

The list goes on :lol:
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