US College Admissions Scandal

Discussion in 'SMB' started by The Lonious Monk, Mar 15, 2019.

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    Wonder how much it would have cost if they'd just made a donation.
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  3. The Lonious Monk

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    That's what's called the "backdoor way" of the rich getting their kids into college. The lure of this was a guarantee of their children being accepted. It doesn't really make sense. As it is stated in the podcast, a college education doesn't really help these rich kids improve their financial situation, so why take the risk? Just to be able to say that their kids attended a prestigious college? But what about those that did this in order for their kids to attend schools not considered prestigious? Why do it?
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    "Another lawsuit filed by Joshua Toy and his mother said he was denied college admission despite a 4.2 grade point average, and seeks $500 billion of damages from 45 defendants for defrauding and inflicting emotional distress on everyone whose “rights to a fair chance” to enter college was stolen."

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    Playing the percentages game. I’m not a fan of the claims culture, but on this occasion, I like the strategy.
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    Set him up for how to get in other places with some very dodgy patter.
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    Saw something about this the other day but didn't get the chance to read.

    Have celebs been bribing schools with money/favours? To let their kids in?
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  9. don’t talk about Princess Di like that!
  10. The Rat

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    I just assumed it went on without knowing the specifics
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  11. Hansel

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    Trump's son in law didn't have the grades to get into Harvard. Still got in though - nothing to do of course with the 2.5 million dollar donation his father made to the college. Just Google Jared Kushner Harvard.
    It's the ordinary kids who do have the grades but get pushed out who suffer.
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    The bit I read said the schools weren't complicit, people were paying a company who were bribing exam invigilators so they could cheat on entrance exams, creating fake sports profiles so they got in on sports scholarships and other shenanigans.
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  14. Pop

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    Yale could use an international airport!
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  15. Yankee Mackem

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    Because there are two ways of doing it. Through over the table donations and under the table backhanders. This is the case of the latter and it goes against the American ideal of work to success.
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    The first doesn’t exactly scream of plucky grafters achieving the American dream but appreciate the distinction
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    I see the cheating bastard Phil Mickelson has condemned the cheating after his kids took advantage of it.
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    Because its reality show "celebs"that are involed
  19. The Lonious Monk

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    No, that's nothing new, that's been happening for eons (and no-one seems to bat an eye about it either) This was a more deliberate cheating system. Sometimes paying someone else to take these college entrance exams, or photoshopping pictures to make it look like the student played some sort of sport. From what I've read so far, it looks like these kids weren't even aware of what their parents did to get them into these schools.

    I still don't understand the reasoning behind it. It just doesn't seem that the benefit is worth the risk. I mean, these kids are already well off.

    It's been happening forever. That type of advantage, however, seems to be "acceptable":rolleyes:

    Different kind of cheating. More deliberate. You want to donate millions of dollars to our school? Thank you! Oh, you're kid wants to attend our university? No problem! Wait, you paid someone to take the entrance exams for you? DAMNATION!

    It's a joke, it's what it is. A hypocritical, in my opinion. It's okay for the well to do to have an advantage in the college entrance ordeal simply because they "donated" money to the school. But having someone photoshop a picture of their kid doing a sport that they don't play, and all of a sudden these schools have "morals". Give me a fucking break.
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    You'd have thought with their level of wealth they were gonna do alright anyway.

    Seems bizarre
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