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It has been possible to upload images to this message board direct from your phone or other devices for quite some time now.

From your phone - look for the drop down menu (three horizontal parallel bars) on the far left of the icon bar.

Look for the sub heading 'Media' and click on it.

You will then get a further drop down menu.

Choose 'add media'.

You will then get two options - 'create personal album' or 'add media to existing album'

I'll assume you haven't got an existing album.

Click on 'create personal album'

You will then get the options to upload a file. If you click on this then it should go straight to the folder on your phone containing your images. You should see thumbnails of all of your saved images .

Choose an image by clicking on it and you will see a white tick on a blue background top left of the thumbnail.

Click on 'done' and the image will start to upload to this site.

NB: The maximum image size allowed is 6mb and the dimensions should be no more than 6k pixels x 6k pixels. If the image you wish to upload exceeds these sizes then the upload will fail and you will get an error message. You should use the image editing software on your phone or other device to reduce the size and weight of the file to be uploaded to be within the specified parameters. You can usually check on the size of an image on your phone by clicking on 'show image details' or similar.

Once the image is uploaded you will need to name your new album.

Finally press 'save' and with a bit of luck you should now have an album with a single image saved to this site.

Your newly uploaded image will now require moderator approval. This process is usually pretty prompt but please have a little patience.

NB. For copyright reasons the image must have been made by you and not by a third party and there should be no questionable content. Images that do not comply with the board's T&Cs will not be approved.

Once approved, if you then wish to embed that image in a message on here then go to the camera icon in the top icon bar of the message compose page. On a pc or laptop if you hover over this icon it will show the message 'gallery embed'.

Click on this icon and it will show you a list of options.

Go to 'your albums' and select the required image by clicking on it.

Click 'continue' and lo and behold your image should now be embedded in your message as per the example below:

View media item 6083
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@Pancho could this not be made a sticky as great info thanks? Got one image uploaded but pics I took with my phone get a message that the uploaded image is too large?
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@Pancho could this not be made a sticky as great info thanks? Got one image uploaded but pics I took with my phone get a message tat the uploaded image is too large?
It is a sticky.

Yes, as mentioned above, if your image is too large either in megabytes or size - 6mb max and 6k pixels x 6k pixels - then you'll need to reduce the size of it on your phone using the phone's built in image editing facility.
It is a sticky ! :)

Resize your photo in editor in your gallery on your phone. 40% works for me.
Damn you and your fast fingers.


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How do you delete a photo from your media album? I can't see how to do it?
Not sure, because we as mods have different permissions.

If you select 'your media' and there is a box in the top left corner of the thumbnail of the image you wish to delete, then tick that box and select the 'delete' option from the drop down menu.

Failing that, let me know which image/s you want deleting and I'll remove it/them.