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Discussion in 'SMB' started by sonofagun, Nov 27, 2018.

  1. sonofagun

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  2. Art Vandelay

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    Went to the final between Ronnie and Murphy last year and it was a masterclass from O'Sullivan.

    I'm going to have a nibble on Neil Robertson at 20/1 I reckon.
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  3. Discopants91

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  4. jacko100

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    ha, was just thinking the same! :lol:
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  5. Vernon

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    ronnie is a reet prick on twitter if it was up to him it would be just the same 16 players playing each other the whole time he calls any non elite player a numpty
  6. I down there for last quarter on the Friday night and both semi finals of the Saturday
  7. The final wasn't even sold out last year, might have a drive down if it's a good one.
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  9. sonofagun

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    Feel for the ref if Hamilton makes a comeback :lol:
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  10. jacko100

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    Why what happened?
  11. sonofagun

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    Check out the Average Shot Time!
  12. jacko100

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    Jesus :eek: What a bore fest that must be!
  13. super noodles

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    I still don't understand why none of the TV channels want the early rounds. It's one of the biggest tournaments in snooker.

    I fancy Selby for this. A bit of a boring prediction, but he seems to be getting back to form and he's pretty much unbeatable when he's at his best in the longer format matches
  14. Because people don’t watch it anymore mate. Sad times
  15. sonofagun

    sonofagun Winger

    Ebbo averages 29.25 to put that match into context :lol:
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  16. jacko100

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    I see Doherty won his first round match for what seems like the first time in years! Probably playing Ronnie next.
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  17. Ronnie being streamed on thursday 29th. Not sure of the time yet on my flashscores app

    He is :lol: Assuming Ronnie qualifes.

    Couple of potential shocks both Murphy and Ryan day 4-2 down now

    Joe perry is through and Alan McManus is 4-1 up
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  18. jacko100

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    Ronnie is 250-1 on to win, I think he'll be ok!! :lol:
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  19. Murphy and day out
  20. FootballFan

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    be worth a look that one, not seen ol crafty Ken playing in a while, assumed he was retired :eek:

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