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What was that quote from him? something like “Wolves, Bournemouth and Burnley shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath as Newcastle United.” Absolute breath taking and unfounded arrogance :rolleyes:
They forget the Keegan and the robson years were the exception to the norm. They were spending money they didn’t have hence the current owner having to chuck in over 100m to cover the cost.


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Aldo? Other people in the country watch them on TV. Deluded
There are people who watch whatever match is on TV, there are also fans of the other team but they believe the 92 bullshit of everyone's second team, the entertainers, famous number 9, they love a striker/goalscorer on these parts.

Rafa fucked off cause he finally got to the end of his contract and wasnt going to let the door hit him on the way out. Bet he left tyre Mark's down the fucking road out of there. All the sweeter that he had a stupid offer from China. Now to be blind to he fact he went to China and believe he left cause he wanted to build something sums up their level of delusion.


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Has anyone asked why Ross is still in charge after his failure last season? He took your club to its lowest finish in its history?
Has anyone asked how fat Rafa kept his job after relegating your lott wlth the easiest run in in the bottom half?

If Rafa goes we all go. I wish they would stick to their word.
If Rafa goes we all go. I wish they would stick to their word.
They would just end up on here 24/7 like some of the sad geordie bastards on this thread.
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