This time with Alan Partridge

Discussion in 'SMB' started by jacko100, Feb 8, 2019.

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    9:30 T:cool:night .

    He's sent an email to everyone at the BBC

    Alan Partridge sends hilarious email to all BBC staff ahead of TV comeback

    If you email him you get this out of office reply

    I’m not in the office so both cannot and will not respond to your email. If your email is urgent, perhaps you should have tried calling instead. The very fact you were content to type out your query long hand and settle back to wait for a reply suggests it can wait, even if you’ve put a red exclamation next to your email to make it stand out in my inbox. Won’t wash with me, that.

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    My ex interviewed SC a long time ago. On my wall I’ve got a note framed..

    ‘Dear ‘munkyheed’

    Oooh Mince! How queer.
    All the best,
    Alan Partridge’

    Needless to say it’s one of my most prized possessions :oops:
  6. Iballistic George

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    He's about as funny as syphillis
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  7. The Great MES

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    I can't wait for it. I hope it's not going to be a giant let down
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    The two series in the travel lodge place were pretty funny.
  9. Iballistic George

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    They really weren't
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  10. The Great MES

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    I'm taking you're a Mrs Brown's Boys Keith Lemon kinda guy?
  11. They really were.
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  12. Fred Secrets

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    I think it will.
  13. Iballistic George

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    Absolutely not
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    There was only one, the other was set in his static caravan
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    Then you've got an awful sense of humour marra

    Little Britain
  16. James

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    Fear it'll be shit. Aside from Mid Morning Matters, all recent stuff has been dreadful.

    Don't even dare try telling me that Scissored Isle is any good.
  17. king of the road

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    The Trip is a work of genius
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  18. Fred Secrets

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    I'm surprised you like it. You seem to call stuff other people like, shit. In between posting RIP threads for people no one has heard of.
  19. James

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    Not Partridge though.
  20. Hi Karen/kate/Kath Aha

    Cant wait

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