The shop in Suddick which is now B&M.


Used it when I was still living at home but self sufficient .Food giant is my guess for the era 1986ish ?

Had to get the same stuff every week so I knew it fitted my motorbike panniers
moved down roker and used the one at the blue bell from then
I worked there briefly when it was Fine Fare. Bit dodgy going for a pint after work in the Tram Car or Hogan's and being offered batteries, razor blades or steak that had just been nicked 😂


Food Giant when I was a bairn, then changed to Kwik Save.

Used to do the big shop in Food Giant because we were suddick scratters.


As below, Gateway (which is what Fine Fare became, IIRC)

This ^^^
Aye that was it.

Remember when Shadow off the Gladiators opened Food Giant? The car park was rammed with people. Never seen so many signed photos on the floor.


I worked there in the early 00's in my student days when it was Kwik Save. I remember Steve McFadden visiting when peacocks opened as part of the store. Had some good memories working there.