The plane fly past is back on...

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On Tour

....if we don't post the link to the site?


We aim to get a plane to fly over the O3 Arena on Sunday 19th April during the mags v Spurs game which is live on SKY from 4.00 PM. Any surplus funds will go to a Sunderland related charity. It started as a daft joke in direct response to this:

We raised £990, the extra £30 went to the following :)


I would be miffed had I donated money.

No money has been donated to that site within the last hour.
I know - I was the last to donate. Just wrote done and hit reply to the original thread and got an error cause it was deleted while I was donating. Was picking up good steam too.

Can people get their money back if this doesn't go ahead?
Goes to charity was the agreement - of course that agreement is on the missing thread ;)
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