The Mandalorian.


Not necessarily. As Jango Fett was the template for all the clones, it could be Captain Rex, which would fit with Ashoka Tano who we know is in this series and possibly she coud have been with Ben Kenobi on Tatooine.

I think he’ll be playing both boba and Rex this series. Spoiling the fan boys and girls :lol: :lol:


Don't want to read the thread because of spoilers, but are season 2 episodes releases week by week or are they all available to watch?


Cheers, how many episodes are there. Think I'll wait till all episodes are available then get Disney for a month just fir this
Thought it was a good episode, the little fella is a greedy little sod mind.
Nice to see a couple of x wings make an appearance.

On a related point, has anyone seen the trailer for the lego star wars Christmas special? Looks class


I just started to binge watch Star Wars: Rebels and I’m actually enjoying it. I’ve read they may be putting some of the characters from it in The Mandalorian.