The Bureau (Le Bureau des Légendes)

Discussion in 'SMB' started by richyrich, Oct 22, 2018.

  1. richyrich

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    Anyone been watching this show? It's a spy/cop thriller set in France, Season 4 starts today.
    Büro der Legenden (TV Series 2015– ) - IMDb


    Any good? Gets 8.6/10 on reviews.

    Just been rec'd it by a mate, he reckons it's class. Never heard of it like.

  2. Fusco

    Fusco Midfield

    Fucking brilliant. Seen the first 2 series. Highly, highly recommended.
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  3. ThePistols

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    On Netflix or .....
  4. Fusco

    Fusco Midfield

    I bought the first couple on Amazon Prime, S3 was on a channel called Sundance but doesnt appear to be available on there anymore. Hopefully it'll reappear on Amazon at some point.
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  5. Pepe

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    Is man, watched the 3rd series on Sundance a few weeks ago within their 7 day trial period.
  6. Fusco

    Fusco Midfield

    I had a look the other day couldnt see it?
    Live up to the first 2 tho?
  7. Pepe

    Pepe Striker

    Just as good, can’t say it was better as they are all fantastic in their own right.
  8. WCC

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    Just finished the 3rd series after this was recommended on here, great show.
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