The Boat Race 2024

Saturday 30th March BBC One HD 2pm

The 78th Women's Boat Race 2.46pm

The 169th Men's Boat Race 3.46pm

Men's Current Champions - Cambridge

Women's Current Champions - Cambridge

Haway The Puns

I say you chaps .. posh people in boats. What's not to like about that?

Of course its all a bit of fun "may the best man win" and all that. That's why at least one of the crews always contains a seven foot muscle bound American who is only in the boat because he just happens be over here reading for a degree in Jurisprudence at St Cheats College Oxbridge.
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Strange having it on a Saturday when footy is on, weren't they normally on a Sunday?
It was always on a Saturday back in the olden days as we couldn't have sport on a Sunday. It often coincided with the Grand National. These days I think that it all depends upon the time of the tides and television schedules.

I presume that if they held it on Sunday this year the races would have to start two hours later than the would on Saturday because of tide being 1 hour further on plus another hour as the clocks are going foward an hour this weekend.
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