Thank u from family Hazey - "Who'd have thought it eh?"

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The Archer

I'm ashamed to admit that I must be the last person in the world to have logged on to Hazey's Blog but after reading these posts tonight I have done, and i've added it to to favourites so I read it properly can do it justice.

I remember him from this board, of course, and I cant really say much else than what everyone else has said, just add my name to the long list of folks who are gonna miss his observations.
I happened across this very lately and am by turn saddened, moved then uplifted by the breathtaking power of the human spirit...the memory of the person...the personality that was 'H' his magnificent family and the sheer bloodyminded blind and unquenchable support affection and respect shown by you lot on this site...

Its an often overused comment but for once it is just perfect for this moment for me...literally everything is placed firmly into perspective by his passing.


Bloody hell what a fantastic person you are, that is an amazing read, I was in tears reading it, I am so sorry for your loss.
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