Ten years ago tonight

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Kevj, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. Cheesy Feet

    Cheesy Feet Striker

    I remember Kasabian having loads of sound problems..they walked off at one point..i thought Oasis were really good and i'm not a huge fan or owt..they were just finishing off 'I am the Walrus' and I was walking down the steps of the North Stand a cup of warm piss landed on my back and arm from behind..was loads of that going on up there..dirty bassas.
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  2. cluffy

    cluffy Striker

    Original line up was decent tbh
    But once Noel started replacing decent lads with people who shared his haircut it was all over
  3. daveydavey

    daveydavey Striker

    Was a canny gig that! Surprised it was 10 years ago mind the time has flown. Had been in the student bar at St Peters and the Wheatsheaf beforehand, just went home after as clothes were ruined and was covered in piss & beer.

    Live forever
  4. Slow joe

    Slow joe Midfield

    Didn't go. I have a thing that I'd never see a band more than once and they were great in 1997. Happy to live with that memory.
  5. mad cyril

    mad cyril Winger

    They’d been finished 10 years prior to that gig 10 years ago.
    First saw them in 94 and that night was the last.
  6. girojim

    girojim Striker

    You were off my face?
  7. Dave Herbal

    Dave Herbal Striker

    The best thing about that night was when some lad started singing Newcastle songs in the queue and this lad walked over and sparked him out. He didn’t even bother taking the fag out his gob to do it.
  8. Sgt Pepper

    Sgt Pepper Striker

    Class day and night, I Am The Walrus to finish if I remember rightly.
  9. ErichZann

    ErichZann Striker

    Feels like a lifetime ago
  10. Fred Secrets

    Fred Secrets Striker

    It was.

    For 10 year olds.
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  11. The Exile

    The Exile Striker

    Canny day out. Stood outside the Colliery Tavern with a pint and the sun cracking the pavement, then I met Gary Rowell in the stadium later on.

    My particular favourite was the signs on the big screens.


    twenty minutes later

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  12. chriswallace85

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  13. lN5

    lN5 Goalkeeper

    This.... The Enemy blew them all away that might
  14. Aye Kasabian were class
  15. x ALiEN 8

    x ALiEN 8 Midfield

    Just an awful, afwul band, horrible droning shite.
    My Mrs bought their debut album back in the day, I resfused to have it in the car and If she put it on in the house she had to have headphones on :lol:.
    Complete and utter fucking shite.
  16. heston

    heston Striker

    What a bag of shit they were.
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  17. stretch

    stretch Striker

    Pints of piss flying everywhere.

    Mags off there faces kicking off

    What a night
  18. You could tell that night that the writing was on the wall and a split could be on the cards.
  19. Falconhoof

    Falconhoof Winger

    It was a huge disappointment and I'm not a fan of stadium gigs but it was really woeful :cry:
  20. dangermows

    dangermows Striker

    Comparing their gigs mid 90s to that :(
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