Take yourself back to 1983


For £600

I wonder all these years on if I could still do a bunny hop or and endo!
That’s class that. I had a red and black one just like it, probably ‘84 or ‘85.

There’s a powder coating place in Darlo that has several Burner frames on the wall.

Wouldn’t buy one though, despite all the nostalgia.


I was 10, in 83.

my parent's had catalogues - brian mills / kays, and I got the standard "burner" as an early birthday present (and xmas present). £89.99, I think it was. always remember the delivery truck coming into the street and it feeling like a royal procession :lol:

that bike's not 100% authentic, but it is nice. I wonder if I could rollback 3/4 of acre rigg's school yard
It's a beauty, look fantastic mounted on the wall of my shag-pad....
the only ride, yea'd get in there;)


Bought a mongoose last year. Rode it about for about ten minutes outside the Baltic. Gave my cousin a go when she came up (5) minutes. Sat in my hall for a year and then I sold it :lol:
I did something similar in my mid 20's, bought a barracuda, gyro 360, stunt pegs etc., rode it twice & felt like a twat. Gave it away to a lass at work (for her bairn)