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Discussion in 'Cricket' started by hertsmackem, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. hertsmackem

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    not a good start by last years champs
  2. TheRey

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    To be fair, the 50 over has been our weakest suit for a while now - which is incredibly weird to say given we've reached three of the past four finals, but we've always shithoused our way through. But the performances have been nowhere near good enough, as shown by the margin of defeat.

    Our only Championship game was played on an absolute road of a wicket, so I'll reserve judgment at the moment.

    Also not helped by injuries - Pope is out until the back of the summer, JRoy has a bad back, Borthwick is injured again, Rikki Clarke has really fucked his hand, Virdi has a muscle problem, plus Sammy is currently playing IPL, and I think TC is injured as well.

    Hopefully once we get a couple back and Deano gets acclimatised, we'll be back to somewhere near our best.

    That said, ever the pessimist, I'm not expecting us to get anywhere near to last year - I'll happily take 4th in the Championship, and maximum points off K*nt!
  3. brandon

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    Just make sure you beat Hampfrica ;)
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  4. The Rat

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    hoping for a Somerset CC win finally, they deserve it
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  5. brandon

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    Aye, I get that sentiment marra - half of me doesn’t want them to, just because they’ve been around for over 100 years and never won it (yet we’ve won it three times in our infancy ;)) but the other half wants them to win it because they’ve been around for over 100 years and never won it :lol:

    Plus, any non-Test ground county winning it, in the current climate of FTECB corruption and cuntiness is alright with me because it fucks them off.
  6. Bri

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    Just seems like cricket is strong down there - but as you say that hasn't been reflected in trophies. Yep, if they do win it that would be fine with me.
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  7. Apparently 15.000 at Trent Bridge for the Notts v Yorkshire match yesterday.
  8. Carteron

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    Cracking place to watch cricket. Decent proximity to the centre on Nottingham, and a great viewing ground.
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  9. TheRey

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    Love TB.

    Favourite Test ground bar none.

    Doing Old Trafford for two days of the Test this year - see how that one compares
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  10. TheRey

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    Another loss today, to Hampfrica this time. Sorry lads!
  11. Struts

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  12. smoker

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    Lost to Kent now...127 all out in 35 overs. Stoneman a mighty 1 run from 13 deliveries.

    @TheRey - u ok hun?
  13. Rip Van Fish

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    The best one mate. 100% agree with that.
  14. TheRey

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    It's nice to have the old, incompetent Surrey back... It's just horrible losing to those bastards! :lol:
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