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Discussion in 'Photography discussion' started by ThankHeavenForShed 7, Sep 2, 2010.

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  1. I like the first one, the second is too fake. When do you ever see the sun's orb on the sea like that? To be fair is this just a digital thing? The more I look at digital pics, the less real they seem? Or is it just special effects? Take this as C&C (crack and chat).
  2. neiluk1985

    neiluk1985 Central Defender

    sorry but it's completely real. was taken with a little casio handheld and IIRC the only post-processing I did was to create the panorama, and maybe tweak the brightness/contrast a bit.

    ...thanks for liking my 1st one though :p
  3. Roger

    Roger The Gaffer Staff Member

    Taken with fisheye lens with the horizon across the centre so it didn't curve too much and then cropped to lower the horizon. Iron man backlit with on-camera flash.

    The day ends here by rogerzz, on Flickr

    The sky really was this colour!

    Sunset by rogerzz, on Flickr

    and finally from my Panasonic compact in "sunset" mode (which accentuates the reds) but otherwise straight out of the camera.

    F1000172 by rogerzz, on Flickr
  4. AB22 Easy Tiger

    AB22 Easy Tiger Nocturnal Tourist Staff Member Contributor

    I've posted this before and said that I don't like it anymore but this was one of the very first photographs I took. (Other than holiday snaps etc). I liked it enough back then to get interested in photography.

    Sunrise at Lindisfarne in December 2004.

    No post processing at all

    Last edited: Sep 4, 2010
  5. hully2000

    hully2000 Guest

    AB22 thanks you just reminded me of a similar photo I took with an old canon point and shoot about 4 years ago in Geneva . . . . .a lucky shot at the time, but inspired a bit of interest in photography. . . . .and still trying to emulate this shot now ;)

  6. not spavin

    not spavin Striker

    I won't quote it as it's quite big, but that's smashing.

    Roger's shots on this thread are really great too.

    I personally can't stand HDR - my whole motivation when post-processing is to try and not make it look post-processed, and HDR nearly always looks fake.

    I always find the most difficult thing about shooting sunsets is that they look great in real life, so it's tricky getting a photo that enhances it.

    As clyde said, a key thing is to do your homework, and find out when the sun sets, when the tide comes in etc. Living in coastal Dublin, the sun sets on the 'wrong' side, and I'm too lazy to get up for sunrises. What I tend to do instead is head out just as the sun sets, then take shots of that orange haze that happens once the sun has just dropped under the horizon.

    I shot 3 OK-ish shots tonight I think, would appreciate feedback, both good and bad.

    This is Malahide Estuary - the point where the River Broadmeadow feeds into the Irish Sea.

    The second is the same place, but a bit later on. This is (I think) 4 shots layered in camera, then I messed around with the colour profile.

    The last one is Dublin Airport. Wanted to get the amazing sky framed by the smaller airport that feeds it. Not sure if it works.

    Photostream - http://www.flickr.com/photos/clickyfish/
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2010
  7. Whoa, some really nice shots in this thread.

    I like those three, Spav. I love the colours on the third one but it could maybe use some kind of point of interest other than the sky - something silhouetted against the sky, perhaps.

    After reading through the responses on this thread and reading advice on some forums I can't wait to get out and give it another go. It's been a busy summer and my camera has been neglected. I'm well looking forward to heading out and getting some shots now.
  8. not spavin

    not spavin Striker

    Concurred. The plan was to fill the lower third with light trails from the passing cars, the middle third with the airport itself, then then top bit with the sky and plane trails. Couldn't get the angle though - being an airport, sight lines are limited by all the fences and that. The planes take off at quite shallow angles anarl, so nee chance of silhouettes. Would love to have a crack shooting a busy airport for those reasons, could make for a class image.

    The best I got was these - no way of getting plane trails from this angle unfortunately, and both still need summat in the sky for interest.


    Ta for the feedback fella, appreciated.
  9. Just legged it around the corner to try out a few things as the sun was setting. Much happier with the results.


  10. youmademerealise

    youmademerealise New Member

    HDR is the work of beelezebub
  11. Like it!:)
  12. hully2000

    hully2000 Guest

    I like your 2nd one spav. The 1st one needs something as a focal point, there's too much dead space really IMO, but I like the colours. 3rd one, airport, works in a creative way I think, quite interesting.

    Thanks for the comment on mine too

    Love it!
  13. SuperKev

    SuperKev Striker

    TBF to the lad, I've got some of the sun setting from when I was in Tampa using a Samsung point and click where the sun is a perfect orb disppearing into the sea.

    we even done the cheesey one's where you look like you're holding the sun and I did one here I was heading it :oops:.
  14. taipeisafc

    taipeisafc Winger


    Heres one I took down Roker Beach in July, took a few others which I fannied about and HDR'd but to be honest this one is probably my favourite.
  15. Is that HD (it doesn't look like it)?

    I like that picture, very realistic looking, and evokes happy memories.
  16. janiep

    janiep Striker

    Roger I love that: I like the transatlantic planes coming in, like birds coming home to roost at the end of the day, and also the bobbles on his bum :p
  17. taipeisafc

    taipeisafc Winger

    Nope it isn't HD, just straight out of the camera with a few tweaks to levels.
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