Sunderland uni- canary wharf campus.

Discussion in 'SMB' started by SPUFF, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. SPUFF

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    had to do a double take, how longs that been there?
  2. they all have them.. I walk past Coventry university, newcastle and northumbria campuses at liverpool street most days
  3. it’s been there for at least 5 years
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  4. Hoon

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    Fair few years. Absolutely loads of northern institutions have campuses that focus on finance/business/international versions thereof based in the City.

    To imbelish on what Epping says it's quite amusing that NCL and NU are over the road from each other similar to what it's like in town.
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  5. girojim

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    absolutely hilarious, aye.
  6. SPUFF

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    Well have to have a sesh one day Epps, especially if you look like your avatar.
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  7. timharding

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    Lived just along from it - in E14 9YG

    Met up with a few people from sunderland who used to go in the gun pub, ho went there, some of the courses are split sunderland / london
  8. It's not really in Canary Wharf either
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  9. Just message if in town
  10. Charmless Man

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  11. nyron4england

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    been there at least 3 years. go past it on the dlr nearly every day (unless im hangin and get the bus) :lol:
  12. SPUFF

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    Midweek away game would be grand.
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  13. who do we have now for midweek in the southeast

    lets hope for a cup run
  14. Boris Bear

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    Where in Liverpool Street? I was at Broadgate Tower yesterday
  15. Am I or the Uni's. they are on Middlesex street. You have Woodin Shades on the corner and about 200 metres down that road.

    I'm in Broadgate on Bishopsgate
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  16. Considering that most people in London would place County Durham in Northern Ireland, I think that it’s fair for provincials to generalise on cockernee geographeee, dowofeeeee
  17. I must walk around with my eyes shut. Never noticed it. Where is it exactly?
  18. duff_man

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    It's in London, look for one of the biggest buildings with a flashing light on top, although to be technical that is one canada square and not canary wharf.
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    Owa the bridge and past the food stalls iirc
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  20. Baloo

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    I’m gonna find the Hong Kong campus when I’m over there. Apparently it’s just a computer suite above a bar :lol:

    I’ll be dining out on that story for ages.

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