Sun City triathlon 2019


Just under a week to go until entries close for Sun City Tri. Thankfully we have sufficient entries to run the event without risking a financial hit to our club. It seems there are an increasing number of events each year and as people only have a finite amount of money you can’t expect people to take part week after week.

Sun City Tri has been organising events for many years now, this has always been on a non-commercial basis, any profit we make is used to help sustain our club throughout the year, e.g. subsiding swim sessions and supporting coaches through various courses and qualifications. If you fancy one of the last Tri’s of the season grab yourself a place and know you are helping support a local club.



Cheap as chips that for a triathlon compared to a lot I see advertised, cracking advert for our beautiful beachfront too!
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@D.A was the run short ? i heard was 2.8mile - meant to be 5k ? dunno how strict triathlons are
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