Straight outta the Commons

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Ginger John, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. Stick this in the looney left for....sorry politics forum.
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  3. ilovehorswill

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    Reminds me of The Evil Dead when his lass's corpse gets reanimated
  4. bigmarlon

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    I think she's canny, just a shame about the whole Brexit thing.
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  5. Arkle

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    She's more than likely a better dancer than Cameron.
  6. ObserverPhil

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    Then I think you need to get out more!
  7. bigmarlon

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    I meant as a person, not a dancer.
  8. ilovehorswill

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    She can soak up stress like a champ. I can't see Cameron and that horrible little twerp Osborne lasting half as long as she has.

    Stubbornness makes her strong, but it's also her weakness. Got her election campaign horribly wrong which knackered Brexit before got going.

    She looks awkward with ordinary people and isn't naturally warm although she tries hard. I think she was a good Home Secretary (tin hat on) but not quite a leader.
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  9. She was an abominable Home Secretary
  10. Uncle D

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  11. The Continuing Story

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    I know politics is polarising but could you honestly tell me how you've arrived at this?

    She is absolutely hopeless at her job. In her previous job she was arguably worse.

    Her main selling point seems to be to get sympathy for being so pathetic

    I'm genuinely interested in what you like about her?
  12. Didn't she as home secretary tell the police to stop crying wolf about job cuts while at the same time allow a known terrorist, who carried out one of the 2017 attacks, to fly between the UK and Arab states?
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  13. PTR

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  14. ilovehorswill

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    Right on cue.

    It's easy to say she hates the police, immigrants, civil liberties, freedom of speech etc. Doing so would ignore Tory divisions and what she was trying to achieve.

    When she was Home Secretary Cameron was pushing austerity while trying to curb extremism.

    I think her intentions were justified but the execution wasn't pretty.

    Throughout her career she's tried to do something, it's been shot down and a milder version set in place. Not ideal but better than kicking the can down the road.

    I see TM as a 1950s nanny, she means well but massively out of touch and too authoritarian. She's tried to reform things that others have avoided for decades, not been very sensitive about it and managed to offend everyone at one time or another.

    One of her biggest failures was one of the most liberal, scaling down stop and search which has helped knife crime reach an all time high and undermined Sadiq Khan's time as Mayor.

    She's not afraid to get her hands dirty and doesn't care who it offends, probably why Dirty Terry was one of Britain's longest serving Home Secretaries and ended up getting the top job off the back of it.
  15. So basically, she tries things and is shit at them.

    She's a shithouse, a complete and utter thundercvnt. 'Austerity is over' in her inaugural speech - is it fuck. Wouldn't trust a word that comes out of her mangled robotic mouth. Poisonous hag that should have no sympathy for looking stressed - if the job is too tough for her she should step aside.

    Just my opinion of course...
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  16. duff_man

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    Worst Home Secretary in living memory.

    Worst prime minister in living memory.


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