Storyville. City of Ghosts.

Discussion in 'SMB' started by dangermows, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. dangermows

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    Watched this the other night. Tremendous. Very brave work to show the world the truth, with some losing their lives doing it. Shocking to see the shit they were getting in the likes of Germany after being forced to flee.

    City of Ghosts, Storyville - BBC Four
  2. banburysafc

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    Storyville is always class.
  3. Ramshanker

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    Looks cheery
  4. Dennis

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    Better than Corrie?
  5. dangermows

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    Can see why this documentary won awards.
  6. EDGE

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    It was brilliant. Very brave men. Good luck to them.
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  7. dangermows

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    Loved how they were pissing ISIS off by making magazines with the exact same monthly cover and dishing them out, only for it to be slating them inside.
  8. EDGE

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    Loved it when they called ISIS motherfuckers.Gerrin!

    I would love to shake their hand.
  9. dangermows

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    And pointed out they aren't Muslims at all, and are simply using it as a vehicle for their own gain.

    Awful seeing how life was relatively normal, then within two years, absolutely destroyed.

    Even worse the lad repeatedly watching the vid of them executing his dad. Bastards.
  10. Sam Handwich

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    So how come we haven't heard of this RBSS website on here then. Or anywhere else for that matter. Raqqa fell back into government hands months ago. Was the website suppressed.
    The SMB is usually on the ball with stuff like this, so i'm a bit surprised that ther wasn't even the slightest mention of it here. Seen nothing on Facebook either and the site must have been up and running for quite a while.
  11. dangermows

    dangermows Striker

    Western media blackout. And muzzies are hated on here.
  12. Sam Handwich

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    That's worra thowt
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