Steve Greensword

In the late 70s I used to watch Ch le St and while we had the flamboyant brilliance of Wasim Raja there was no one in the DSL who could match Greensword and that Phili side captained by Tom Clish.
He used to come in at No.3 and always seemed to get a big score without breaking sweat and then used to bowl with unerring accuracy while at the other end Wilki used to come steaming in putting the fear of God into all and sundry.

A Durham legend most definitely.


My last ever second team wicket when he was playing for Phily 2s. Revenge for the countless times he skittled us. Great pro in the DSL.
Quality Quality player remember watching him as a kid in the senior league.

Quality bloke too remember braking down in the car one day with my dad when puncture in car, when Greensword stopped to give us a hand sorting it.


Reserve Squad
Does he still wear that Leicestershire sweater when umpiring? That’s definitely seen a few games of cricket. It’s amazing when you think about it he’s been involved in NE cricket season after season for 50 plus years. Steve Greensword most definitely a cricketing legend in these parts and it’s nice to see him get a bit recognition.