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Squid Game on Netflix

John Steed

I've started watching another Korean series on Netflix. It's called crash landing on you and is about a well off female business executive who lives in South Korea. She accidentally para glides into north Korea during a storm and falls for a NK army captain. I don't know whether I'll stick with it. I lose interest in TV shows very quickly.
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I'll not spoil it for any watching it but the final twist was very obvious if you caught the clues.

Something very different, if very dark at times, refreshing watch tbh.


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How ?
f***ing useless at things like this
If you go on Netflix.... Squid Game.... then on left side you'll see a menu ...
play season 1 episode 1 for eg
episodes & more
more like this
audio & subtitles
add to my list
credits etc

so go on audio and subtitles ... it will say OFF... toggle down to english and that should work


Watched the whole lot last week. Really good. Rottentomatoes.com gave it 100%!!! Never seen that before. Was gonna mention Battle Royale, as above. There is another series on Netflix called Alice In Borderland , which is of a similar vein.

Aye it's essentially a modern take on Battle Royale


I’ve just watched the first episode, which was ok for the first half. The second half was fantastic, no easing them into the first game😎😮