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Preaching to the converted here but not really that excited about a chart that has Gards and Vaughn in it!


Pass stats mean absolutely nowt.

The fact Gardner is there makes anybody a loon who believes they serve any purpose.

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Pass stats mean absolutely nowt.

The fact Gardner is there makes anybody a loon who believes they serve any purpose.


He was right back for most of the season too which shows how shite we were last season that the right back played more passes than the midfielders


In with a really select bunch there mind, it must be a honour for ki to be even mentioned in the same breath as some of those.


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only 12 more passes on average than craig gardner is nowt to be proud about ;) kinda joking kinda not


It's stats like those that makes players want to play square passes all the time to increase their pass completion numbers and percentages! I'm sure since these sort of stats were around players, or certainly some players, could become a little bit obsessed by them!

Ki I can't make my mind up about. He's better than what we've got. But if he's our best CM player, it isn't all that is it? He is laboured, plays a lot of square passes and lacks a yard of pace. But he also gives others players some calm, keeps possession and I think could play in a better side. But you keep coming back to why Swansea weren't interested enough to keep him even though they were playing extra games in Europe and presumably would want a bigger squad to cope with that.


This season stat is a bit misleading considering all of Gardner's passes in 12/13 were at sess' head from right back. Whereas Ki actually plays in a passing team.
Gardner appears in the number of passes made column, but not the accuracy column tells a story, if his passes were not accurate how the fuck were they passes, or was he just passing it into space?, or passing it into touch maybe?


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And Ki is probably Swansea's 5th choice CM. Maybe it's time to fix the midfield.

Ki had 29 league appearances and 9 cup appearances last season, a 5th choice CM cannot possibly have that many appearances in the league.

He used to be starting regular for most of season, until he had relation breakdown with Laudrup.

The thing I don't like about Laudrup is he mostly used Ki out of his position, in DM position, sometimes he even used Ki as a CB, while Ki's weakness lays in defensive abilities.

I am thankful to Poyet that he's using Ki in right position and right role.

I think Ki also appreciates that, too and willing commit his future with Sunderland unless the club gets relagated.
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