Snooker thread

Have I missed Ronnie playing ? I'm watching my second favourite Luca Brecel currently 😎
I thought the blue card in football was the biggest piss take in sport but we have a new winner.

Gold ball ffs! 😂
Weirdly I'm intrigued by the prospect of the golden ball, I hope someone gets it .....500,000 smackeroos 😎👍
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Fair play to Ronnie, the bloke is an animal. One of the greatest sportsman the country has produced
He looked really happy, all the players have had a mint time.
The golden ball will be worth $1m next year and Ronnie has been given his own academy there, gerrin 😎♥️
And for the record I actually really enjoyed that tournament, it was short, snappy and interesting 😉😎
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