Snooker thread


Central Defender
Disappointed to have missed most of that earlier today. From what I saw Kyren just wasn't at the races and Trump was in very, very good form. I'd love to see him and Robertson in another final.

When players try to get a baulk colour safe, watching yesterday I wondered why don’t they just play one down the table onto the bottom cushion.

It makes positional play to clean up a lot more difficult

Looking at the table now the colours are all on.
Dominic dale sounds like a creepy sex pest.
I know a lad that sold him a case, a Louis Vuitton one, why on earth he had a case like that is beyond me but he's had a forest full of cues and always blames them not himself.
Handmade expensive ones as well.
He'd be a much better consistent player if he changed his temperament, a leopard and all that.