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SMB Tennis thread

Discussion in 'SMB' started by The Bridge Lad, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. joemcdokes

    joemcdokes Striker

    Never saw the interview but read the dialogue online.
    When someone mentions the word patronise you know you’ve got them.
    Can’t stand watching her play as her serve build up is annoying but did see the last set.

    She just seems to be one of those players who will always have one or two better than her and currently for me doesn’t have the mentality to win a grand slam.

    Probably similar to where Murray once was but she’s more a Henman to me.
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  2. Horley Chorley

    Horley Chorley Striker

    A lot like the South African, Kevin Smith.
    A beanpole of a man, but with a booming serve, and very little else.
  3. The Bridge Lad

    The Bridge Lad Striker

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  4. Horley Chorley

    Horley Chorley Striker

    Anderson of course.
    How the fuck did I type that ?
    I typed Anderson at first, but re-wrote the thing again and got his surname completely wrong.
    I'm blaming being out in the sun too long today :lol:
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  5. MarcoG

    MarcoG Striker

    Nadal opening at 7/10 to beat Federer is quite interesting. Federer's the favourite for me.

    No she didn't. She got beat off someone who's currently ranked above her and has significantly more experience than her on clay.
  6. The Bridge Lad

    The Bridge Lad Striker

    So we do have 'Fedal' on Friday, their 40th encounter, and while it's all pretty predictable and they met at the same stage of a slam just 5 weeks ago etc. this does feel a bit different with it being on the Wimbledon grass. Bookies have opened up with Nadal 8/11, Federer 11/10, so very close - I'm sure Roger was about 5/1 to beat him at Roland Garros. Federer on the court today for 2 and a half hours, Rafa 2, and Federer had about 30 mins less in his Berrettini rout than Nadal's over Sousa in the last 16, so both should be pretty fresh.

    How do you see it going?
  7. Ashley In!!

    Ashley In!! Striker

    Been quite a few accusations being thrown at the journalist of him being sexist towards her. Things always end up going that way now unfortunately.
  8. joemcdokes

    joemcdokes Striker

    Did she say she wouldn’t have done anything different, can’t remember all of it?

    If she did she’s a reet blort.
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  9. Horley Chorley

    Horley Chorley Striker

    I can't quote the journo, word for word, but what I remember of the interview, I don't think he was being sexist towards her.
    He questioned her lack of mental strength iirc.
  10. Ashley In!!

    Ashley In!! Striker

    Claimed that was her at her very best.
  11. joemcdokes

    joemcdokes Striker

    Ah well she needs to improve, how many unforced errors?
  12. Horley Chorley

    Horley Chorley Striker

    Like I posted yesterday, it might be a good idea for sports stars to have a short "cooling off" period, straight after losing a game, so they can compose themselves and gather their thoughts and not be so emotional when doing a post match interview.
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  13. Ashley In!!

    Ashley In!! Striker

    No need to patronise and bully her there mate.
  14. joemcdokes

    joemcdokes Striker

    I was being a bit of a konta nar.
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  15. Born Never Asked

    Born Never Asked Midfield

    Djokovic had to demand the roof stay closed last year just to give him a big advantage to help him beat Nadal, he only won by two points even with that. If Nadal plays like that again on Friday I think he will have no problem beating Federer.
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  16. The Bridge Lad

    The Bridge Lad Striker

    Djokovic's path to reach a (potential) Wimbledon final will be #57, #111, #48, #66, #23 and #22 - there'll probably have been stronger ATP 250 runs than that.
    Nadal, to reach Federer, has beaten #274, #43 (admittedly someone who could and should be ranked much higher), #72, #69 and #65
    Federer = #86, #169, #28, #20 and #7, to be fair, his last 3 rounds have been the highest ranked player he could have faced once the draw was made.

    I am looking forward to Federer-Nadal on Friday, but it kind of has felt a waste of 10 days getting to this stage, and imagine what it would look like if these 3 were injured. Zverev and Tsitsipas losing to unspectacular players in the first round in grim, especially when it is BO5, so usually less chance of a shock. Shapovalov losing to Berankis in straight sets is even worse, Thiem is pretty average away from clay, and while it wasn't amazing when Cilic and Anderson were at the top of their game given their style, at least it did offer something a bit different and a potential obstacle for the big 3 if they were having an off day. The tour is badly missing a healthy Murray and Del Potro, both looking unlikely to get back to anywhere near where they were, although saying that, Murray will probably be confident of reaching QFs and SFs if/when he returns if he avoids the big 3 early, given the nature of the rest of the field. There was Stan as well, but realistically, his slam challenging days are probably behind him as well given his age and injuries.

    I can't see the US Open in 6 weeks being that much different.

    Nadal has come in slightly at Bet365 this past hour or so. I certainly want the winner of that match to take the title (beating Djokovic). At least there's no sign of injury from either of them, and hopefully it will be even half as good as their last match at Wimbledon 11 years ago.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2019
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  17. Session

    Session Midfield

    Not sure who I want to win tomorrow, maybe a Strycova vs Halep final.
  18. scotch

    scotch Winger

    1st set is crucial, Federer has to win it to have any chance of winning + all aspects of his game have to be firing like his comeback in 2017.
    Fear that Nadal will do it in 3 :( his serve and attacking play has improved on his performance at Wimbledon last year.
    I'd take Federer winning through rafa withdrawal right now :lol:

    Final will be decided by whoever wins the 1st set, Djokovic just doesn't lose when he wins the 1st set.

    This unfortunately
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  19. Born Never Asked

    Born Never Asked Midfield

    I think Djokovic wins regardless, he is the only one seems to be able to get into Nadal's head and make him play badly, look what he did to him in Australia. For Federer to beat them both at 38 years old would be one of his greatest achievements even for him, just cant see it happening.

    @The Bridge Lad What time will they announce the order of play for tomorrow?
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2019
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  20. Therokerroar

    Therokerroar Reserve Squad

    I haven't been watching Wimbledon at all this year but can't see

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