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SMB 7 Up

Discussion in 'Gold' started by RestlessNatives, Jun 5, 2019.

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  1. vidal baboon

    vidal baboon Midfield

    7 - living in Murton (Wembley) going to Murton County Junior Mixed School

    14 - Living in Spennymoor, moved to be closer to dads job at Rothmans. Tudhoe Grange School.

    21 - bought first house, greenways estate, Spenny with a lass I'd only been with a few month, working in drawing office at Thorns

    28 - married for a year to a different lass, still living in Spenny

    35 - now living in Kirk Merrington, working at company in Newton Aycliffe, still married, and dad to a 6 year old

    42 - still in KM, working for same company but relocated in Sedgefield

    49 - now married 21 years with a 20 year old son and 3 dogs, working for a different company in Aycliffe. Still a season ticket holder, Wembley 8 times no wins

    Next update 7 years
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  2. Purple Turtle, The dove, Fishermans Cottage mostly and most of the town centre pubs at some time.
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  3. 7 - St Joe's School Birtley, generally having a good time and playing lots of football

    14 - St Bob's Washington. Starting to dislike school after always excelling to date but mixing with some good lads and having a good time

    21 - just bought my first flat in Urpeth, doing well working in the labs of a quarrying company, shagging lots and playing football and having top times with a great set of mates

    28 - married a cracker, living in Eighton Banks and making progress at work

    35- 2 kids with the cracker, bought house in Low Fell and was offered a job in Dubai. Got a map and we all buggered off. Wish I'd done it sooner

    42 - happy days in the desert lucky to make some great friends and work with some lovely folks too,

    49 - back in blighty, eldest off to Uni, youngest turned into some sort of fish so spend all time not at work sitting in swimming pools the length of the country. Interesting job in export, new skills to learn and people to meet. Still punching.
  4. Bladecat

    Bladecat Striker

    7 - at school outside Accrington. Loved it, was clever enough to be moved up a year at school. No interest in football.
    14 - at Accrington Grammar School which was turning into a comprehensive. Generally did well academically but hated it. Was a regular at Blackburn Rovers and obsessed by footy.
    21 - in the final year of my degree in Nottingham, having survived a hit and run accident in Germany whilst studying over there. Regular at Sheff United home and away.
    28 - recently moved to Sunderland and working in HR. Living in Seaburn Dene. Still watching Sheff United home and away. Probably unsure if I'd made the right move in coming to live in Sunderland.
    35 - had met my other half and bought our current house near the Barnes. Had been introduced to SAFC by some very good mates and had season tickets at both Bramall Lane and the SoL.
    42 - similar job still, same house, watching Sunderland home and away.
    49 - had been promoted at work. Little change otherwise except I'd lost my dad following a gradual descent with Parkinson's. Attending more and more SAFC games.
    56 - selling our house to move to a bungalow on the edge of Sunderland. Partner retired from her job as a nurse, I've probably about 5 years to work. My SAFC group of mates continues to grow.
  5. ISOE II

    ISOE II Midfield

    7. Hill View Junior School. Lived in a nice area. Pretty carefree really. Making dens in woods over Tunstall, nesting in Backhouse Park and playin footy up Thornhill Fields
    14. Southmoor school. Hated it really. Bought my 1st pint in the Ivy house. Spent all paper round money on beer and slags.
    21. Last year at Bournemouth Uni doing an IT degree after a year programming at Nissan. Drinking too much as my first love had broke my heart.
    28. Living with girlfriend in a South Shields and my elder son has just been born. Just stopped being a programmer and was a project team leader.
    35. Now married. Still living in South Shields. 2nd son had been born. Had planned redundancy as an IT Manager at Philips Durham.
    42. Same family set up and house. Had been a Project Manager at BA for 7 years.
    49. Same family set up and house. Now a Senior Project Manager having worked for some interesting consultancies for 7 years. Looking to go contracting. Elder son leaving Uni so feeling old. Planning my 50th.
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  6. Old Prestonian

    Old Prestonian Striker

    7 - living in Berwick upon Tweed and witnessed Sunderland win the only meaningful silverware to date during my lifetime.

    14- living in Bamburgh attending school in Alnwick where I had just started my O levels and was in competition to become the class clown.

    21 - completed my HND at Birmingham Poly and embarked upon an ill fated three month start to my working life in that London.

    28 - moved to Preston after a three year spell living in Devon where I had met our lass and had been earning good money for a daft lad.

    35 - company I worked for had merged with another a couple of years earlier and a manager who I despised had been imposed upon me. I was looking for a way out. Only daughter had been born a couple of years earlier.

    42 - self employed for a couple of years now and was embroiled in a costly legal dispute which had been initiated by an individual from whom I had purchased his business.

    49 - had survived the heart attack a couple of years earlier, stent fitted and no long term damage. My business was now stable and I was working out how to manage my time to enable me to essentially embark on semi retirement. Still living in Preston with our lass and daughter who was applying for university.
  7. Wilfy

    Wilfy Striker

    Don’t forget your 800m and 1500m gold medals in between 7 & 14.
  8. Dave Herbal

    Dave Herbal Striker

    This is strange. Had an idea for a similar thread today and even started writing it. Never even thought of the Up series.

    7 Living in Seaburn Dene, attending Seaburn Dene school and in the top 3, which is no shame as the other two both went on to get PhDs.
    14 Still living in Seaburn Dene, going to Monkeyhouse school. Loved it. Perfecting my role as class clown whilst annoying the teachers by also being a bit of a swot. Evenings were spent up Fulwell Field playing footy, or hanging about down Johnnys and Seldons amusements. Not a care in the world.
    21 Final year of Uni in Manchester. Almost blew it due to non attendance and lack of study in favour of drink and dope. Somehow managed to pass. Came home and went to work for my dad.
    28 Still working for my dad and living at home. Out on the piss all the time. Discovering my love of festivals. Footy and biking when not. Had been having the time of my life for 10 years at this point. Still no responsibilities. May have been engaged?
    35 Married and living in Roker with a baby. Still working for me dad though. Still doing the same stuff outside of work, but a little bit less so. Still living for the weekend.
    42 Separated and living in Fulwell now. Looking after two kids half the week on my own, the youngest since she was 1. Living in austerity after racking up enormous debts during the previous 20 years of partying. Now working in Consett, but still doing the same job. Still playing footy, cycling and getting royally pissed on my one night out a week.
    49 Still 2 years away but I can pretty much guarantee it will say the same as 47. Hopefully with the debt all paid off.
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  9. ISOE II

    ISOE II Midfield

    Ha ha - 1980 to be precise! And Gates World Champion 1976 thru 1984 ;)
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  10. alanturing

    alanturing Central Defender

    7-very happy at Harton Junior Boys South Shields.
    14-viewing 1973 cup final at my sisters house cos she had a colour telly. Half the street pile in too.
    21-Button lad at Westoe Colliery. Shifts were terrible but the job was easy (even hillbillies could do it). Dad dies.
    28-Graduated from Sunderland Poly with my degree. Started work at Civil Service.
    35-got married.
    42-Baby girl arrived. Though I would be too old and knackered but the opposite happened and it knocked years of my life.
    49-Job in Civil Service starts going pear shaped thanks to the Lean Model of Production happening but stick it out. Mam dies.
    56-practically give up on going to the match. Look for something else to do which is forced on me when becoming unofficial carer for brother with dementia. Daughter gets a Cavalier King Charles puppy which thinks it’s a Springer. Therefore I become main carer for him too. He eventually calms down.
  11. Lukas73

    Lukas73 Winger

    The turtle, place of legend!! :cool:
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  12. 7 - at Hill View (in the same class as Bob Fleming, if memory serves). Dad had taken me to Roker Park for the first time in the previous season, Gary Rowell was my hero (possibly still is!). All was rosy in the world.
    14 - had moved to Durham, was at Johnston. Good grades, didn't fit in well with the locals. That took some time. Planned to make a career in music, was involved in everything from the county youth orchestra to any musical / operetta pit band that would have me. This, eventually, led to girls (this one time, at band camp …). Pretty much exclusively wore black.
    21 - Just completed university and was struggling with the 'what next?' bit. Dreams of a music career faded due to lack of talent. Worked for a press agency in Bishop Auckland and made my first tentative steps into journalism. Byline in the Football Echo to kick off a glorious (!?!?!?) career. Couldn't pull a rotten tooth out of a dead horse's head. Still wearing primarily black.
    28 - An owner-occupier for the first time, working for a paper in Southend. Sex life improved significantly (Essex will do that for a man), started to dream of travelling. Introduced some colours into my wardrobe. Getting paid to watch SAFC games down south, got to have a couple of beers with Gary Rowell after one of them.
    35 - Living in Moscow, forging a reputation as an ice hockey journalist. Lost my mum a couple of years earlier, which was a bit of a wake-up call and got me reassessing things a bit. Just met my future wife (no) and watched my longer-term plans get turned upside down as that relationship turned out more serious than expected. Blagged a trip to see England vs Italy at Euro 2012. Largely ditched the black clothing.
    42 - Married, one daughter. Back in Durham with my now wife, grappling with the joys of non-EU spouse visas and taking on half the childcare while 'working from home'. Respected hockey journalist, veteran of two Olympics and six World Championships with the IIHF. Was seen in a yellow top the other day. Perpetually knackered, can't wait for daughter to start school.

    Not much there that I would have expected at the start. But, in hindsight, not much I would have changed. One job I shouldn't have taken, one relocation I shouldn't have made, one relationship I should have binned before it got started (not my marriage, not most of the time). Otherwise, I've seen a lot of the world, met some good people and started to bring up my daughter (which is amazing and terrifying and everything in between).
  13. Had your first cig at 4?
  14. Dave Herbal

    Dave Herbal Striker

    Strange thing to say, considering I’ve never been a full time smoker.
  15. Never met a full time smoker - they must be strange, no time for eating nor speaking.
  16. Dave Herbal

    Dave Herbal Striker

    :rolleyes: I mean that, despite smoking for 30 years, I still don’t class myself as a smoker.
  17. niceonemarra

    niceonemarra Winger

    7 - Coal fire
    14 - Hair
    21 - Clubbing
    28 - Love
    35 - Sleep
    42 - Balance
  18. pablo casals

    pablo casals Midfield

    Alreet Johnny
  19. Son of Stan

    Son of Stan Striker

    7 - Just moved from Sunderland to Newcastle and managed to quickly lose the accent unlike teenage sisters who were bullied for sounding posh. :)
    14 - Ponteland High School which I enjoyed in spite of coming from Newbiggin Hall as opposed to Darras Hall and noticing the huge difference in how we lived. Went to a party in Darras Hall and saw my first (and only?) bidet.
    21 - Graduated from Newcastle with an English & History degree. Wish someone had told me it was no help in finding employment.
    28 - Working for Gateshead Libraries but now in the Arts Dept and going out with one of the technicians. Started a part-time MA in English Lit at Sunderland, purely because I wanted to. Again, no help career-wise, but it involved drinking Guinness in pubs and running for the last train home every Wednesday night.
    35 - Co-ordinating gallery exhibitions in Gateshead, which I loved. Seeing a different technician at work (!) and the start of the longest on-off relationship over the years.
    42 - My Mam died of a stroke, very sudden as she'd planned on Dad going first (he was 12 years older than her). Issues with back, eventually having a disc fusion.
    49 - Dad died of Parkinsons after hanging on, I'm convinced, to see me get my back op. Moved into coordinating venue hire, had a great time working mainly with blokes who were hysterical. I was then made redundant due to staff cuts along with most of the Arts Team. An awful way to end my career with Gateshead Council, and I'm still bitter.
    50+ Had a depressing few years trying to find similar employment and failing. Issues with knee - possibly due to having lugged too many artworks around and another op. Just coming out of the abyss now, as I decided to pack in the admin job I hated and work on reception at the community centre near me. Still badly paid, but far more entertaining.
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  20. Boinger

    Boinger Winger

    7 - Growing up in Smethwick, fantastic childhood, wouldn't have changed 1 minute of it.. except when Andrew Chambers knocked 7 shades of shite out of me.
    14 - Grammar School.. Hated it, apart frrom sport, represented the county at schoolboy level in football and (God knows how.. cricket).. Cherry-less for 1 year :cool:
    21 - With my girlfriend (now wife no) for 2 years.. No career, moving from job to job, anything that paid the bills plus a bit more, out on the piss almost every night. Gave up playing sunday football as I lost a job after suffering an injury while playing and having time off .. thought "fuck that for a game" .. Lost my Mom. :(
    28 - Still moving from job to job but grafting hard.. Got a mortgage to pay now. :D
    35 - Kids, Mortgage.. Good job the wife works, Lost me Dad. :(
    42 - Turned into a bit of a bloater... Still grafting, Greying hair, coaching my lads team, Still waiting for Albion to win summat.
    49 - As 42, except much greyer and not coaching.. Oh and still grafting
    56 - Grandad (best thing ever) Mortgage free aaaaand.. RETIRED.. JOY!
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