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Great thread, class music
I’ve posted this before, but @tunstall birdman did the original Reggae & Ska thread about 5/6 years ago. Probably about 50 pages plus of top quality videos & tunes. Used to sit up drinking on a Friday & Saturday having a thoroughly good time getting pissed. It got lost when the boards moved servers or sumat.
Posted this on "hoy some tunes up" the other day.
A very apt one for some on the SMB ;)
Went to the Cluny to see the Dualers. Walked out halfway through. It was like Mickey Pearce fronting a band Dell Boy had put together cos Reggae was the in thing. Hadn’t listened to them before I agreed to go, got a ticket cos there was a few going & there was a bus on. I’d already been warned a few days before by a lad who’d seen them that he’d been roped into going previously & there was a reason he wasn’t attending that night.

let’s just say they weren’t my thing :lol:
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Anyone like the third wave, more punky stuff? Operation Ivy, Sublime, Rancid etc. Then the little UK scene early 2000s, Adequate 7, Capdown, Lightyear et al.
I was a big fan in my late teens, still listen to King Prawn, Rancid and Voodoo Glow Skulls fairly regularly. More recently, The Interrupters last album is superb, big 2-Tone flavour.

I also saw a Hull based ska band called Counting Coins support The Real McKenzies a couple of years back and they were great. They are much more unique live than on record though.
The genre of course was a a backing track to a youth culture.
I was 12 in 1970 with a skinhead and we identified with those sounds.Dave and Ansil Collins went mainstream in 71.

The suedehead movement chose more soulful sounds of Stax and Mowtown..... then migrated to Northern Soul.

All the US / Caribbean black artists who gigged in the U.K. back then couldn’t believe white kids listened to their music and the welcome they received.
About my route too, from little skinhead in a grandad vest and hobbies, to cromby wearing suede, "boot boy", then soulie running all over yorks and lancs at all hours :lol:
Came back to the reggae and dub n the late 70s with black uhuruh, burning spear, sly and Robbie, Peter tosh.


Just the well known stuff
Loved the Ska two tone stuff at the time not that fussed on Reggae
Okay in small doses for me
Loving this thread.

I’ve a few of his albums since being exposed to him in the early 2000s.
He tours regularly in the U.K. but tends to keep to venues in the London area and midlands
I would love to cross reference some of the posters on this thread and some that post as anti immigration in others.
All of the tunes listed are influenced by immigration ( some forced by the way ) and the positive impact on our music likes over time.

Young Gifted and Black!
Aye it was one of the old two tone lads from work who`d put them up. Think they`ve actually split now though
My sister goes to a lot of their gigs I think and recently too
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Gets on ya wick after a bit like. Some good stuff obvs, but then there's a lot of it that's very samey that doesn't have much in the way of song. Marley seemed to be way ahead of just about everyone else in terms of songwriting.
Three of my personal faves, apart from the obvious Madness stuff
See, I always thought that was pretty naff compared to the original.
Mirror in the Bathroom's a good song though.
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