Sir Ian Botham appreciation thread

Didn't realise he was off as well.

His commentary might be a bit sluggish these days, but to get a legend's thoughts on what he would do in certain situations was worth a small part.

Gower and Botham to join TMS?
No chance for botham but gower? Possibility. Sure he played for Leicester when aggers was playing there


I dont think he'll be missed in the commentary box tbh. Not the most knowledgeable and sense he's been phoning it in for years.
Aye, he retired long ago as far as I'm concerned.

As for him and Gower appearing on TMS: didn't they both used to be on there before SKY lured them away with wads of cash?
Loved him as a cricketer, but as a person I dislike him more than most. He's a bit of a kernt really.
I've met him twice. Once at a DCCC game back in the day (played at the old Racecourse ground) and once on a train to York. The 2nd time he couldn't have been nicer, that said I was helping him with his golf clubs so he had to be nice to me.


Loved him as a cricketer, but as a person I dislike him more than most. He's a bit of a kernt really.
I think theres probably a lot in cricket of his generation who exemplify a lot of good things through cricket and would be great to be around in relation to cricket but are also personally quite egotistical self obsessed individuals. Boycott very obvious inclusion. Warne. Etc. Most of them are rich and most rich people dont have time for people who aren't, regardless of where they started out.

You only have to look at how a lot of players who showed a lot of respect for each other on the field hated each other off it. And, weirdly, often the nastiest on fieks seem pretty laid back away from cricket. It seems a bit like chess in that to have the mental strength to be a cricket great you have to be a bit nuts. Certainly back in the day at least. Seem to be a bit more balanced the past generation.

Aggers is another. He called one of my mates from uni and now a well respected Telegraph columnist a cvnt over Twitter among other things for calling into question some of his language suggesting Jofras inclusion into the team being possibly disruptive. It became a bit Trump-esque, dont you know who I am sort of stuff. I love TMS more than most things but again like most things related to the media it's a front and a production all the same.

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