Shows and films to avoid during the pandemic


Central Defender
28 days later / 28 weeks later

Started playing theme at work on phone during meeting for laugh, was parking up at Gals and put media player on as radio was all ads - canny eerie watching people walking around and that theme playing.


Watched contagion last night.

Found myself turning into a bit of a racist shouting at the tv when they were showing the wet markets. 😂
Dunno about fillums, but I'm currently playing The Division 2, set in Washington after a pandemic has wiped out most of the population. Useful transferable skills for when I have to leave self-isolation and head out to the hospital tomorrow for my monthly blood test. :eek:
On The Beach (1959)
The Northern Hemisphere has been devastated by a nuclear war and the radioactive fallout is carried on the wind extinguishing life as it goes. The survivors are gathered in southern Australia watching the radiation levels grow.