She Goes to Finos...

The music was canny too. Alexander O'Neil , Luther, Smokey Robinson and the likes made it quite a chilled out place. I never saw any bother in there either which was canny. Them stairs we a bit tricky after the red stripe and K cider.


only went in maybe 3 times , seemed like a similar set up to the old annabells (when it was in the bridges) but a slightly older clientele
Aye same punters who felt like a diiferent planet to me ,would go in on the odd birthday/staff do and it was like those hired dancers on TOTP bobbing around
Never went. Looks crap like.
It was a fantastic place back in the day..great music, " finally " by Ce Ce Penniston was great and regularly played if my memory is still right.
Friendly place and never saw much bother ...mind Robbie Bewick seemed very good at keeping the place calm .10 out of 10 from me