Ruiter’s contract

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by OohBaldyBally, May 22, 2019.

  1. OohBaldyBally

    OohBaldyBally Striker

    runs out in the summer and is (not surprisingly) highly likely to leave.

    Just reading the article in the Echo and this bit jumped out at me.

    “A lot has changed at the club after relegation,” he said. “There were new owners and a new Scottish manager, who brought his own Scottish keeper.

    At our first meeting after the summer break, he already indicated that I would be the second keeper and I had to deal with that.”

    Sounds a tad like sour grapes to me. To even hint at McLoughlin being no.1 because he’s of the same nationality as the manager, is a joke. The bottom line is that you’re just not very good Robin.
  2. BNM

    BNM Winger

    Young Max should be replacing him as #2 keeper anyway.
  3. sproates33

    sproates33 Striker

    You should get a job for The Sun. He was very complimentary and no sour grapes at all.

    Full Article :-

    'Promotion would complete the story' - Why Robbin Ruiter doesn't regret joining Sunderland
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  4. Jasper

    Jasper Striker

    He’s a footballer he wants to play games man, he’s bound to sound disappointed.
  5. PRViiS

    PRViiS Midfield

    Why? He’s awful. Won’t be number 2 if we go up and won’t be number 2 if we don’t
  6. BNM

    BNM Winger

    Then we should get rid, ASAP.
  7. kildaremackem

    kildaremackem Midfield

    max has been released i think?

    the manager agrees-max has been released..
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  8. BNM

    BNM Winger

    Source (couldn't see it on the SAFC site)?
    Anyone else gone?
  9. kildaremackem

    kildaremackem Midfield

    well whenever the chairman spoke about contract offers for kids-he mentioned a bunch of them, embleton, hume and for example, that are out of contract (or were until hume signed) and said soemthing like "thoseare the players jack wants to keep@ but didnt mention the keeper in any im going off that..and of course i could be wrong..
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  10. HarrogateMackem

    HarrogateMackem Striker

    Don’t think he’s that bad. Looked good during the limited games he’s had this year and was alright last year bar one single game, which admittedly he was terrible but his confidence was clearly shot.

    I think people want to lump him in with the other two we had, when in fact it was only one game he was really bad in.
  11. hullmackem

    hullmackem Striker

    Was loved on here in pre season, last season iirc
  12. kildaremackem

    kildaremackem Midfield

    didnt he fuck the club off a bit by returning early from a loan spell due to being "homesick"?
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  13. I think he was talking about Max Stryjek not Ruiter?
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  14. HarrogateMackem

    HarrogateMackem Striker

    Ah. Apologies.
  15. SAFC Wilks

    SAFC Wilks Striker

    No problem at all with Ruiter, he’s a competent back up option and I’ll wish him well if he leaves.
  16. Secret Visage

    Secret Visage Winger

    Ruiter was decent In the checkatrade rounds, did nothing to warrant being dropped in that competition. Anyone saying he's awful must not have been there.

    By the way, I also advocated Ozturk being brought in as first choice center back, based on his performances in said competition :cool:
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  17. OohBaldyBally

    OohBaldyBally Striker

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  18. chopsfc007

    chopsfc007 Striker

    He had fuck all to do most of the games
  19. b1gals

    b1gals Winger

    He was given a contract extension to sign but kept dropping the pen :neutral:
  20. richest

    richest Winger

    and expensive

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