Recommend me a camera for toddlers

Want to get the boys in to photography soon and saw a great article where some bloke gave a normal digital camera to his toddler and just let him go with it and it was a lovely collection of toddler level views of the world.

I have a really old Canon Ixus that I’m happy to let them have, but it’s not that sturdy and the buttons aren’t big. there are a few aimed at kids on Amazon but not sure if they’ll be any good.

I need two, so no more than £20 a pop. Second hand is absolutely fine, they just need to be able to be chucked about.


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Can't really help but I suspect you are right and the cameras that are aimed at kids are probably a load of rubbish - but any camera not aimed at kids is probably not rugged enough!


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have a look on MPB, sure you can get some decent entry level DSLRs cheap enough.
Got one of these for my 3yo at Christmas. It's above your preferred price range, but it's an OK introduction to taking pics. She's enjoying mucking around with the filters and the cartoon backgrounds, but then she discovered some games on there and that's getting annoying. It all started when she dropped my wife's point-and-click, put small crack in the screen and prompted a major family fight. Then she knackered my (already semi-knackered) old point-and-click, so I'm hoping she won't get her mitts on my DSLR for a bit.

As a camera it's nowt special, but it's very robust (regularly dropped on pavements with no apparent ill effects). I'm fairly happy with it for now, and once she starts to slow down and actually think about the images she wants to create we can start talking about stepping up a level. Mind, at £45 I'm glad I wouldn't have to buy a second one.

So I took the plunge and just decided to give one of the kids my old Ixus. I expected the screen to get smashed within minutes, but we’ve ended up with 288 pictures of varying quality, and some are a brilliant documentary of his afternoon in the garden, watching the footy with dad, and playing with his brother. It’s basically a diary of lockdown from 3ft high. Some are lovely.

And he’s already taken a photo of his own penis.

I’ll post a few here when I get the off the card and delete the crap. Not the penis one obviously.