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Discussion in 'Diet and Exercise' started by box2box, Feb 11, 2019.

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    Intending upping road running quite abit but can suffer from shin splints / dodgy knee, I normally go for a 'neutral' fit and asics but not bought for a while, any recommendations ? Cheers
  2. I recommend getting some that suit your feet & gait rather than getting some that suit mine.
    Why do you normally get a Neutral fit?
    What do you mean by shin splints? That's pretty much just a collective nickname for pain from a variety of different injuries in the same area. Shin splints & a dodgy knee might be down to your shoes but is just as likely down to doing too much too soon.
    Get a gait analysis done. Northern Runner in Newcastle is probably the most comprehensive. They charge for the service but take the cost of the analysis off the price of the shoes if you buy from them. Other ones to try are Up & Running in Chester le Street, Darlington or Gosforth, Lets Run at Stokesley, Start Fitness at Durham, Darlington or Newcastle.
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    Thanks, had a gait analysis at up and running a few years ago who suggested ‘neutral’ and suggested a number of ASICS and saucony . I get sore shins related to shin splits when overdoing training at school. Just curious if anyone had a success with a particular trainer?
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    I like Nike for running.
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    I have always liked NB or Asics. However tried some Nike zooms and love them, got them cheaper in sale like. You need to try some and feel for yourself. A good starting point would be NB shop at Dalton Park or northern runner at newcastle or nike shop durham
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    few i know run in Hoka now and say have helped loads , everyone is different, ive ran since 18 although past couple year that has all caught up and been knackered most the time , but when younger I ran in asics for years , NB, adidas (although can be narrow fitting IMO), saucony (saucony kinvara best trainers ive used although they are a 4mm drop so not good if achilles issues), Nike Pegasus

    if look at old clips from 70s/80/90s they often trained in old nike pegasus and adidas samba/gazelle etc , and in regional races the times were often quicker back then, often think its all just a marketing ploy these days

    << which ones mate ? I'm only running twice a week these days and have switched from saucony to nike pegasus , only do about 12 mile a week so should last me the year easily :lol:
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    Yeah spot on Fletch, a lot of the running gimmicks are that, find something that is comfortable.ones i got were zoom flys for £50, best shoes i have had, always put off nikes thinking they were more chav fashion these days but really impressed with these. My uncle and dad etc used to run in whatever they had at time. Hitec shadows, squash, sambas. Etc
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    Brooks have always worked for me in comparison to Saucony and Asics. No pains and plenty miles

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