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public parking - near gateshead stadium

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Randy Bareback, Jan 1, 2014.

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  1. Randy Bareback

    Randy Bareback Midfield

    anyone know of any public car parks near gateshead stadium? i need a decent car park for the next few weeks near here thats not too expensive but safe in the knowledge my car will be secure. needs to be within walking distance of the go northern bus depot.

    any help appreciated

    JAZZMANB Striker

    Can only think of Heworth metro parking and a canny walk,or on street which isn't without risk
  3. gatesheadsteve3

    gatesheadsteve3 Central Defender

    Secure? Next to the Old Fold? Good luck with that :lol:

    Actually, Isn't the bus depot near the new Gateshead College? If so, that could be your best bet!
  4. Chunk Love Sloth

    Chunk Love Sloth Goalkeeper

    Can you not park on a street near it
  5. Is it going to be untouched for the few weeks?
  6. Randy Bareback

    Randy Bareback Midfield

    no i will be parking it on a dailly basis but didnt want to park in front of someones home.
  7. blue sabre

    blue sabre Winger

    If it's the bus depot you need then there is this car park: http://tracking code removed/maps/TLZz9 just over the road from it, failing that, Gateshead centre is about 10 minutes away on foot.
  8. Loads of people who get the metro to work park outside the flats right by ghead stadium metro. 5 minute walk to the depot.
    It'll be safe there as there's always a row of cars and it's not outside anyone's front door as such.
    I park there sometimes for day and night matches and it's always fine.
    I'd recommend there as your best bet.
    And it's free!
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