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  1. steve30000

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    I'm a berk for pointing out the difference?

    Watch the insults unless you want to get banned. No need for it, so calm yourself down
  2. girojim

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    :lol:Ok Steve
  3. steve30000

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    Just because most games are multiplayer, it doesn't mean you can't play them as a single player online.

    Its a lot of money for some people, and multiplayer used to be free on ps3

    Stop being silly then. No need for the abuse
  4. silas80

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    I can't recall a game I've played online by myself tbh.

    I know it used to be free, that's why I never bothered with PS+ until the PS4, and probably why the free games used to be an incentive to buy it. Now they don't need that incentive.
  5. girojim

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    You're the one being silly
  6. steve30000

    steve30000 Striker

    Stating facts.
  7. Discopants91

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    "The PS Plus February 2019 line-up will be the final PlayStation Plus line-up to feature free PS3 and PS Vita games.

    Then, from March 8 - which is when the PS Plus March 2019 line-up will go live - PlayStation Plus will focus on PS4 games."

    Better PS4 games due maybe?
  8. :lol: :lol:
  9. A quantity not quality approach most likely.
  10. hefty em

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  11. jacko100

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  12. Discopants91

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  13. Well, hitman might be canny
  14. Bear

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    Was tempted for a while to buy For Honor and will definitely give Hitman a go too
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  15. jacko100

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    Great month

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  16. hefty em

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    Got MWR but glad it'll be on HDD instead of having to get up to hoy a disc in.

    On a side note, I think I now know how I'm growing tits.
  17. Laziness 36B cup?
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  18. hefty em

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    I was. 38 the now.
  19. :lol:
  20. Billy Batts

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    Get to play one of the best first person campaigns ever, for free.

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